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Hey Appomattox 4-H Shooting Education Club,

I'm Alex Joseph and I'm the chief editor over at Gun News Daily. 
We are a news publication that has been around since 2001. In the last year we became active again and hope to grow our reader base and help develop firearm awareness and safety throughout the US. 
We believe in supporting the community through the most effective medium - education. Our late founder, Nick Browning, was an active coach and volunteer at several youth shooting organizations. We hope to carry on that legacy as our publication grows and give back to the community.
Last year we setup a small scholarship which was shared with only thirteen schools. We had some great applications and selected two winners. This year we'd love to open it up to a wider national audience and include organizations like yours.
We believe the easier way to applicants all the necessary information is just to post a link on your webpage to our resource page we have created specifically for this scholarship. This is our resource page -

The page explains:
1) Full Description of How to Apply
2) Required Application Form
3) Samples of Previous Winners
4) Rules 
5) FAQ About How We Decide
Here are the details:
Gun News Daily Rifle & Marksmen Scholarship 
Available Scholarship Amounts
1) First Place - $1000 USD
2) Runner Up - $500 USD (limited to only one person)
Since Gun News Daily is an online publication, we lack the ability to accurately judge your shooting ability, therefore our scholarship attempts to help the sport of riflery where we think we can help the most – education.
Applicants to the GND scholarship must complete a 1500 word essay detailing how gun education could be improved in three contexts:
  1. Local Education
  2. Local Area
  3. Nationally
Students can use personal stories and anecdotes, however as a news publication we will give preference to submissions that are cited and sourced from accredited sources.
Applications must be submitted by May 31st and winners will be chosen by June 31st. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Appomattox 4H BB Team Heading to Rogers Arkansas

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The Appomattox 4H BB Team will be once again heading to BB nationals with Coach DeWitt Goin and Club Advisor Robert Tillotson. 

Way to go and good luck.

Joe Maroney

Virginia AIM Shoot

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Team Shoots at Izaak Walton Of Lynchburg League May 2015

Shotgun Team Megan and Josh
From Left: Parker, Megan, and Josh

Christmas Party 2014

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The Three Musketeers

4-H Robotics Team

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The 4-H team will compete November 9, 2013 in Lynchburg VA. 
Timberlake CS

New Officers 2014

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President - Trevor Goin
Vice President - Sam Caifano
Reporter - Megan Goin
Secretary - Trevor Gannicott

New Officers 2013

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Trevor Gannicott - President
Trevor Goin - Vice President
Anna Harris - Secretary
Alexis DePalmer - Historian

4H Announcements

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Appomattox 4H Link for Orion Scores

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